Pheromone Sticky Roll

Reliable and affordable Pheromone Sticky Rolls are available for making waves that attract the insects. They are ideal for catching aphid, whitefly, leafminer, thrips, moths, fruit fly and other flying insects. These rolls are widely used in different types of crops such as cabbage, Bengal gram, cotton, maize, okra, pea, tomato, chilli, green gram, groundnut, rice, sorghum, etc. These Pheromone Sticky Rolls are available in different widths, lengths and thickness for providing the best results in different crops and fields. In addition, they are also available in varied color options such as blue and yellow.

30cm Pheromone Sticky Roll

We are a renowned manufacturer of 30cm Pheromone Sticky Roll in the market. This roll is coated with optimum quality non drying adhesive on both the sides, that helps in effectively capturing flying insects and pests. 30cm Pheromone Sticky Roll is used in greenhouses to protect against a number of pests like leaf miner, whitefly, fruit flies and other flying pests.

Benefits :
  • Easy to assemble, easy to monitor.
  • Monitors all SUCKING PESTS.
  • Can withstand sunlight.

House Fly Pheromone Sticky Roll

House Fly Pheromone Sticky Roll makes waves favored by the insects which get attracted. It can raise the capturing chances of success. It targets pests leafminer, whitefly, thrips, fruit fly, moths, aphid and other flying insects. House Fly Pheromone Sticky Roll is known for its quality, effectiveness and reliability as well.


  • Simple establishment
  • Less upkeep
  • Sensible rat

Other Details:

  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance
  • Reasonable rate


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