Pheromone Lure And Trap

These Pheromone Lure Traps are high-quality and effective insect traps that use pheromones to tempt insects. They are widely used for counting insect populations by sampling as well as trapping the pests to destroy them. They are highly scientifically designed traps to provide effective solution for easy assembling and hooking in crops and farm fields. In addition to this, these Pheromone Lure Traps are easy to maintain traps ideal for saving crops from the risks and pre-harvest damages caused by the pests. They are available in different color options such as yellow, white, blue, etc. and sizes as per the demands of the crops and fields. 

Fallarmy Worm

We are a prominent manufacturer of Fallarmy Worm in the market. This neem-based bio-pesticide is not only able to control the fall army-worm, but also leaf miners, aphids, whiteflies, mites, thrips and wireworms. Fallarmy Worm not only prevents the pest from feeding on the crop, but also interferes with the pest's ability to lay eggs.

Pink Bollworm Pheromone Lure


Fruit Fly Pheromone Lure

We have been a profound manufacturer of Fruit Fly Pheromone Lure in the market. The best reason to use Fruit Fly Pheromone Lure is to monitor and control fruit fly pest population trends in guava, mango, citrus, sapota, papaya, banana which prefers young, green, and tender fruits for egg laying.

Benefits :

1. Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to clean.

2. They reduce the cost and burden of unnecessary spraying of pesticides, due to low pesticide residue the produce meets the demand in export markets and gives profitability to the growers.

3. Monitors all adult fruit flies.
4. Multi season use.

5. Used with pheromone lures to selectively attract specific species.
6. Can withstand sunlight.


Pink Bollworm Pheromone Trap

Pink Bollworm Pheromone Trap is the one that attracts the male moths of the pink bollworm. When set up in cotton fields infested with pink bollworm, Pink Bollworm Pheromone Trap competes with the female pink bollworm moths for the male's attention, disrupting mating and curbing population growth of the dreaded pest.

Plastic Pheromone Lure

Plastic Pheromone Lure is the one often used for catching certain species of insects (mostly stored product insects), and in this trap a pheromone attractant is used to lure insects. Once attracted, a sticky board or catching bucket captures the insect. Plastic Pheromone Lure is safely packed and delivered to our customers on time.


  • Perfect design
  • High strength
  • Smooth finish

Insect Pheromone Lure

  • Perfect design
  • High strength
  • Smooth finish

Bactrocera Cucurbitae Pheromone Trap


  • Scientific Name Of The Pest : Bactrocera Cucurbitae
  • Common Name of the Pest : Melon fly
  • Host crops : Gherkin, Cucumber , Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Sweet gourd, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Pointed gourd , Sponge gourd, Pumpkins ,Mask melon, Watermelon.

Pest Identification: Adult Melon fruit flies are similar in size to a housefly, about 6-8 mm long. The body is light brown to a honey color in appearance. There are several prominent bright yellow markings on the thorax (upper body) and a distinctive black 'T' pattern at the base of the abdomen (lower body). The wings are clear with a dark coastal vein and "melon seed" shaped spot at the tip.

Damage: It prefers young, green, and tender fruits for egg laying. The females lay the eggs 2 to 4 mm deep in the fruit pulp, and the maggots feed inside the developing fruits. At times, the eggs are also laid in the corolla of the flower, and the maggots feed on the flowers. A few maggots have also been observed to feed on the stems. The fruits attacked in early stages fail to develop properly, and drop or rot on the plant. Since, the maggots damage the fruits internally, it is difficult to control this pest with insecticides. One female may lay over 1000 eggs during her life. Oviposition peaks occur in the morning and late afternoon. Eggs hatch in about 24 hours.

Control Measures:: Melon fly cannot be controlled by pesticide spray. Wooden blocks impregnated with cue lure or cotton wicks placed in the trap along with malathion/DDVP soaked in small cotton wicks they are suspended in the middle of the trap to release the scent slowly in the atmosphere to attract and trap the fruit flies. 

Pheromone Lure Details:

  • Dispenser - Wooden Block containing insect attractant.
  • Material - Soft Wood
  • Packaging - Individually Sachet Packed
  • Sachet Material - Foil Lined Laminate
  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure - 60 days

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