Melon Fly Trap

The offered Melon Fly Traps are created in a melon-bulb like structure, which is why our company named them like that. These are created from environmentally safe plastic material in two sets that make the assembly and usage very simple. They are fabricated in strong design that make them re-usable for countless times. The customers just require to attach a bait inside the Melon Fly Traps to attract pests and flies. These can be hanged on trees and plants without impacting them.

McPhail Fruit Fly Trap

We are a noteworthy manufacturer of McPhail Fruit Fly Trap in the market. It is used extensively for both monitoring and mass trapping of olive fruit fly. McPhail Fruit Fly Trap is a plastic two part trap with the upper clear part and a bottom yellow cup part. The bottom cup part is filled with a yeast in water solution.

Benefits :

  •  Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to clean.
  • They reduce the cost and burden of unnecessary spraying of pesticides, due to low pesticide residue the produce meets the demand in export markets and gives profitability to the growers.
  • Monitors all adult fruit flies.
  • Multi season use.
  • Used with pheromone lures to selectively attract specific species.
  • Can withstand sunlight.

Maxfil Fruit Fly Trap

Owing to our rich industrial experience, we have been a noted manufacturer of Maxfil Fruit Fly Trap in the market. It traps different fruit flies and helps to monitor & detect whether fruit flies are present in the field. Maxfil Fruit Fly Trap can be used with pheromone lure and liquid bait attractant.

  • MAXFIL TRAP Designed to trap different fruit fly species in vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Material of construction: These are made up of virgin PP material. The trap has three parts-
  • Holder-which holds the lure, Clear top-which is transparent and the trapped fruit flies can be monitored Yellow bottom-It holds the liquid bait and the trapped fruit flies.
  • Color: Standard clear top and yellow bottom


  • It traps different fruit flies.
  • Helps to monitor & detect whether Fruit flies are present in the field.
  • Can be used with pheromone lure and liquid bait attractant.
  • They are durable and can be used for several seasons by only replacing the fruit fly lure
  • Helps in reducing the damage to the crop.
  • Does not harm beneficial insects.
  • Easy to monitor the trapped fruit flies.
  • Can install easily.
  • Wind and waterproof.

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